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MAGIC IS FUN!    …… More Smiles!

While most adults enjoy attending a wedding reception, it can prove a little tiresome for the children, for example, during photo sessions and speeches. Often, there is little to keep the children occupied and amused. John has the ideal solution.

More Laughter!

John has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for your younger guests. A few seasons performing at Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Mosney as a ‘Redcoat’ and four years at Mickey Finn’s, River View Holiday Park, Redcross, Co. Wicklow has made John one of the most experienced  Children’s Magicians in  Ireland today! – he can guarantee to keep the children’s attention from beginning to end!

More Memories!

John’s Magic Fun Show entertains children of all ages while all the ‘boring’ bits are happening. This means that adult guests get their ‘own time’ and children can enjoy the wedding event just as much as adults with their own entertainment, ensuring that they too will have happy memories of your ‘special day’ long after it’s over.


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