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Professional Wedding Magician John Gerard with many years of experience has performed at countless weddings throughout Ireland, for audiences of all sizes, in Hotels, Castles, Country Houses, Halls, Marquees and Private Homes. John’s relaxed performing style, experience and ability to perform in any situation, make his Wedding Magic the perfect choice for weddings of all sizes.


Not all weddings are the same. Whether you are planning a formal wedding or a modern contemporary celebration, with large or small numbers of guests, more and more people are looking for something different for their wedding entertainment. John Gerard’s Wedding Magic is the answer!

John Gerard’s Magic will add the ‘WOW’ factor!

By involving your guests in the Magic and Mind-Reading, it encourages them to have fun and become part of the magical experience!

Moving from group to group, Wedding Magician John Gerard performs his  ‘award-winning’ Close-up Magic and Mind-Reading – the kind of magic that people have only seen on television, but have never experienced up-close in person. Cards will appear and disappear, Minds will be read, Money will go up in flames, Jewellery will vanish, and much more! (but will all come back in the most unuaual places!).

Magic That Creates Unforgettable Memories

John Gerard’s style of performance creates a great atmosphere and entertains guests of all ages. John’s Magic has a broad appeal, whereas other forms of entertainment may only cater to certain audiences and ages. People Love Magic and will always remember the things they love!

You will hear laughter and loud applause from guests who will hold their breath in anticipation and gasp in disbelief as the IMPOSSIBLE not only happens close-up and ‘right before their eyes’ but often in their own hands!  No other form of wedding entertainment can create such happy memories of your ‘Special Day’ which the guests will  remember long after your wedding is over. John Gerard will ensure that your Wedding ‘Stand Out’ from the rest! – making it the ‘best wedding’ your guests have ever attended – Guaranteed!

When Can The Magic Happen? – Possible Options

Here’s a taste of what your guests will see:  

Option 1 – During the Afternoon Reception (while your photographs are being taken):

John will ‘mix and mingle with your guests as they arrive from the ceremony, performing award-winning ‘Close-up Magic’ throughout the afternoon, keeping everyone amazed and amused right up to the time they are called for the meal.


Option 2 – During the Meal (between courses):

Strangers will often be seated next to each other during the meal, making conversation  awkward. Moving  from table to table (between courses), John performs astonishing ‘sleight of hand’ Magic at each table, getting everyone involved and having fun. Their applause will generate a great atmosphere throughout the room. This ‘WOW’ factor entertainment is ideal for young and old alike!


Option 3 – At the Evening Reception (at the afters’ party):

After the speeches, when the meal is over and guests start to arrive for the evening reception, John’s ‘Close-Up Magic’, including Mind Reading and Palm-Reading is the ideal way to integrate and entertain your evening guests with your ‘day guests’. This fun entertainment always creates wonder and amazement, making it the perfect end to your ‘special day’.

Option 4 – A Cabaret Show (after the meal and before the  evening music starts):

This is a twenty to thirty minute ‘floor-show’ that entertains all your guests and can include ‘Special Magic’ for the Wedding couple.

Option 5 – Children’s Entertainment: A Magic Show can be provided (to suit children of all ages), usually performed during the speeches.


John Gerard’s Wedding Magic Will Make the Difference! …..


If you want your guests to laugh, be amazed and thank you for providing an entertainment experience that they will never forget……


It’s definitely worth taking the opportunity to have a discussion with John, as he can offer you a ‘package’ to suit your venue and budget.


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