Walk-around Entertainment for all ages

At the Afternoon Reception - Table to Table during the Meal - After Dinner

Fascinating revelations that never fail to astonish!

The lines on a palm are like a ‘personal road map’ - By reading the lines on your palm, John can reveal the ‘hidden secrets’ in your hands. His revelations of your past, Present and Future can be a fascinating experience that never fails to astonish!

Handwriting and Signatures can reveal character and personality and provide many interesting 'hidden aspects' of a person's life. - e.g. Career, Talents, Love, Life, Success, Potential and more! From a sample of your handwriting or signature, John will reveal what your handwriting says about you and what others think about you. These revelations provide many interesting and 'hidden aspects' of your life! Which can be truly worthwhile and fascinating experience. Handwriting analysis is sometimes known as 'Graphology'. It is a for of non-verbal communication. In many ways it's an alternative form of body language and a reflection of all the experiences that a person has ever had in their life.

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