Psychic Readings

(For Afternoons and Evenings)


John’s one-to-one personal readings never fail to astonish! – The lines on a Palm are like a ‘personal road map of life’ – All palms are totally unique. Guests are always curious to know what their Palms reveal about them! – John can quickly complete a precise character profile, reflecting a valuable and constructive insight relating to areas of their life, including their destiny and future relationships. This can be a truly worthwhile experience of their past, present and future for guests at any event!

Handwriting and Signature Analysis

Handwriting and Signature Analysis, sometimes known as Graphology, is a form of non-verbal communication and is an alternative form of body language. From a sample of a guest’s Handwriting or their Signature John can  reveal their character, personality and the many ‘hidden-aspects’ of their lives – E.g. Career, Talents, Love Life, Success, Potential and much more! – Guests will experience what their handwriting says about them. They will gain a new perspective on how to improve their lives! – This is always a uniquely different form of entertainment for your guests!


Great Entertainment that never fails to astound!

Mind-reading is otherwise known as ‘Thought Reading’. It is the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication, otherwise known as Mentalism Telepathy. This ability involves reading someone’s mind, using the power of turning mental activities into text between individuals by means other than the five senses, which is what a Mentalist Mind-Reader does in everyday life. Guests are always astonished at the stunning accuracy of John’s predictions. Using his incredible Mind-Reading ability to know their thoughts and choices never fails to amaze! – A fascinating experience for guests!


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