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Magician, Palm-Reader & Handwriting Graphologist

John Gerard is an Award-Winning Professional Magician, as well as being a Palm-Reader and a Handwriting Graphologist and Signature Analyst. John has had his Psychic gift since he was very young. Coming from a family of psychics, including his ‘fortune telling’ Mother, his ‘tea-leaf reading’ Grandmother and his ‘crystal ball gazing’ Great Grandmother, his Palm-Reading, Numerology, Handwriting and Signature Graphology Analysis offer ‘spellbinding’ entertainment for guests at events and psychic parties and his revelations never fail to astonish!


John’s Award-Winning interactive Close-Up Magic is suitable for just about every corporate situation and is perfect for audience of all sizes. You will hear gasps of amazement as guests are thoroughly entertained. Moving from group to group, whether it’s a Conference, Drinks Reception, at Tables (between courses) during Dinner, or a product launch – John’s unique ability to connect with any type of audience, leaves everyone with the lasting impression that you desire. John will make your corporate event or celebration into a truly spectacular and memorable occasion, creating an excellent impression on your delegates, as he mixes and mingles, performing award-winning interactive Close-Up Magic and Mind-Reading to groups at your event or entertaining at each table (between courses) during a sit-down Meal, or performing an interactive Comedy Cabaret Show afterwards with ‘special magic’ that can be incorporated into the show for any ‘special guests’ – ensuring that everyone will be thoroughly entertained and amazed!


Strolling Walk-Around Entertainment

Close-Up Magic is any magic that you see up close, usually performed by a single magician with cards, coins, rings, pens, banknotes, mobile phones, or borrowed objects. John’s award-winning interactive Close-up Magic has to be seen to be believed! – Using unique sleight-of-hand skills, combined with humor and professionalism, mixing and mingling with groups of guests. Performing in an interactive casual fun way, John makes the impossible happen right in front of guests’ astonished eyes and often in their own hands! – John’s magic allows an interaction, which is simply not possible with any other form of magic. Close-up magic has become the most popular form of magic performed by magicians around the world. – It is the perfect entertainment for any ‘special occasion’ and for guests of all ages. – By involving everyone in this ‘beyond-belief’ entertainment, it encourages them to have fun and become part of the magical experience, which they will enjoy and talk about long after your ‘special occasion’ is over!


Great Entertainment that never fails to astound!

Mind-Reading is otherwise known as ‘Thought Reading’. It is the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication, otherwise known as Mentalism Telepathy. This ability involves reading someone’s mind, using the power of turning mental activities into text between individuals by means other than the five senses, which is what a Mentalist Mind-Reader does in everyday life. Guests are always astonished at the stunning accuracy of John’s predictions. Using his incredible Mind-Reading ability to know their thoughts and choices never fails to amaze! – A fascinating experience for guests!


With John’s background in sales and marketing and using his unique style of ‘traffic-stopping’ skills, John attracts large numbers of visitors to your stand. During his presentations, he will entertain and inform everyone about your brand or service and deliver your company message, while at the same time gathering valuable leads from potential customers for your sales team.


magician in Dublin/Co. Dublin - Co. Wicklow Magician - Co. Kildare Magician - Co. Meath Magician

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