Strolling Walk-Around Entertainment

Close-up magic is any magic that you see up close, usually performed by a single magician with cards, coins, rings, pens, banknotes, mobile phones, or borrowed objects. I entertain small groups of one to twenty people in an interactive casual situation, right before their eyes, and in their own hands! - Close-up magic has become the most popular form of interactive magic performed by magicians around the world. Close-up magic tricks happen right in front of the audience and allow an interaction, which is simply not possible with other forms of magic.

Close-up Magic For All Occasions

own My award-winning Close-up Magic has to be seen to be believed! - It is the perfect entertainment for your ‘special occasion’ and for guests of all ages. Using my unique sleight-of-hand skills, combined with humor and professionalism, I mix and mingle with your guests at Receptions, Weddings, and Parties, making the impossible happen right in front of their astonished eyes and even in their hands! - By involving everyone in my ‘beyond-belief’ entertainment, it encourages them to have fun and become part of the magical experience, which they will enjoy and talk about long after your ‘special occasion’ is over!