Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, Dinner Parties,
Family Reunions, Get-Togethers, Retirement Parties,
Communions, Confirmations & Christmas Parties!

I regularly perform at private parties, dinners and social gatherings in Dublin and throughout Ireland in front of large and small audiences. Your guests will never forget my amazing magic, it is a blend of seemingly impossible special effects performed ‘close-up’ with the emphasis on interactive fun, laughter and conversation. My Magic often has the added impact of happening in the hands of astonished spectators! – It produces an unforgettable magical experience for everyone, ensuring that your ‘special occasion’ will be an outstanding success, making your party the topic of conversation long after it’s over!

For some events, I can offer an interactive ‘stage’ type comedy cabaret show. The show is perfect ‘afterdinner’ entertainment with magic that can be incorporated into the show for a ‘special’ guest or guests.

My Party entertainment is both affordable and amazing

Whether it is a Birthday Party, Family Occasion, Anniversary, Retirement or Christmas Party, New Year, Black Tie or a Private Celebration - My Party Magic is the perfect party entertainment that ‘breaks the ice’ and entertains guests of all ages. It is always a great addition to any ‘special occasion’ – large or small. Everyone will be utterly stunned and amazed – Guaranteed!

18th AND 21st PARTIES

Right in front of your guests’ eyes, I make the impossible happen. Performing incredible walk-around Close-up Magic for the audience – with the emphasis on interactive fun, laughter and amazement! 

My magic often has the added impact of happening in the hands of the astonished spectators!  

My ‘eyepopping’ Close-Up Magic, ‘jaw-dropping’ Mind-Reading, unbelievable Palm-Reading and astonishing Handwriting Analysis will ignite your occasion – guaranteed!

40th /50th /60th PARTIES AND MORE!


Whether during a Cocktail party or between courses at a Lunch, Dinner or an interactive ‘stage’ type Comedy Cabaret Show afterwards, My stunning ‘Sleight-of-Hand’ Close-up Magic, Mind-Reading, PalmReading and Handwriting Analysis never fail to keep your guests highly entertained and amazed.

My Magic provides a truly unbelievable experience for everyone, leaving them with lasting memories of your ‘special occasion’ for years to come!


The years just fly by, so make your event a memorable one by inviting me to entertain at your celebration. Whether it’s a Retirement party, Anniversary or you are just welcoming another year.

I mix and mingle with everyone performing astonishing Close-Up Magic, Mind-Reading, Palm-Reading and Handwriting Analysis during pre-lunch, or pre-dinner drinks or at each table during a meal (between courses) or performing an interactive Comedy Cabaret Show afterwards, with ‘special magic’ that can be incorporated into the show for any ‘special guests’. Time may ‘fly by’ but I guarantee that memories of your ‘special occasion’ will stay forever!

Don’t Miss Out......

Take the opportunity to include this Party entertainment as part of your ‘Special Occasion’ making it a fascinating and memorable experience for all your guests – guaranteed!